Partnership Specialist


BNC Publishing is a media house based in Dubai Media City, and is the publisher of key leading titles of Entrepreneur Middle East, Design Middle East, Construction Business News Middle East, Hotel & Catering New Middle East and Logistics News Middle East.


Entrepreneur Insights – This dedicated division within BNC Publishing is in charge of creating and distributing world class and state of the art research and industry analysis reports across different verticals. Reports such as “An ultimate guide to fintech in Saudi Arabia”, “The state of cloud kitchen in the GCC” and “The guide to cryptocurrency trading”. 

Job Purpose:

The Entrepreneur Insights division of BNC Publishing is looking for an enthusiastic, energetic and well-organized individual to work on Special Reports projects. These Reports are created with the help of the Entrepreneur editorial team as well a research company. The ideal candidate will eventually take ownership of the products both from an operational point of view and from a business standpoint.  This role has 2 sides, (1) commercial – to on-board sponsors (2) and to oversee the project delivery of the Special Reports. 

Key responsibilities:

  • Managing all matters related to the “Entrepreneur insights” including coordinating with the research and developments teams and design teams to deliver the projects. 
  • Sourcing potential clients, pitching, client servicing and business development. 
  • The ideal candidate should oversee the direction and the scope of the content created by the research teams to make sure they’re aligned with the objectives set with the client. 
  • Creating and maintaining a clean an updated database of key potential sponsors of the Special Report. 
  • Effectively communicating with potential companies on the value proposition of Entrepreneur Insights and the Special Reports. 
  • Co-ordinating with various stakeholders (internal and external) to run projects smoothly. 
  • Managing expectations of management and clients for project timeline delivery. 
  • Assist with setting timelines and scoping out the media projects. 
  • Assist with creating presentations and media solutions for clients.


  • 0-2 years of experience in managing digital media products/projects 
  • Great understanding of editorial content 
  • Media sales experience is a huge plus 
  • Very digitally savvy and familiar with social media and the latest digital media trends
  • Understanding of the media landscape in the region
  • Great presentational skills including MS PowerPoint, Canva and Excel

Skills that will assist you in succeeding:

  • Being highly organized 
  • Managing expectations (for internal and external stakeholders)
  • Time conscious  
  • Meeting deadlines 
  • Very diligent 
  • Being very pro-active 
  • Using all the sources and resources within the organization to meet the objectives 
  • Being passionate and enthusiastic to make the projects a success both from an operational point and view as well as commercially.

To apply for this job, please send us an email to HR@BNCpublishing.net